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InstaMail for iPhone
Now you can finally read the fine print!
If you are farsighted or have reading glasses then this app is perfect for you.
EyeRead allows you to use your iPhone 3GS as a magnifying glass.
Point and read.
To use EyeRead choose between 2x, 3x or 4x magnification and hold the iPhone camera 4-5
inches (5-8 centimeters) away from the item you want to see magnified. Your item should be well lit for the camera to display it properly. The app makes use of the autofocusing feature of the camera and in poor light conditions this won't work as well.
How it works?
Eye Read uses the autofocusing feature of the iPhone camera. That's why it can be used only with iPhone 3GS.
Launch the app, tap on the desired zoom and the tap Zoom and Read. That's it!
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